Saturators Lodz

We have been manufacturing saturators in Lodz for many years already. We are the producers of the highest generation appliances. We have created a professional, patented device, which enables constant access to fresh, filtered, and cooled water.

We offer sale and rental of the saturators at a bargain price. We provide customer-oriented offer customisation as well as guarantee service for our saturators.


Unlimited access to refreshing water it’s the best way for effective and comfortable work of your employees.
Perfect for the companies with intensive water consumption.

Purchase or rental

The Eurosystem company give you possibilties to buy the SATURATOR at a bargain price. It guarantees:

  • Complete warranty service (2 years)
  • Installation and putting into service at the client’s end

What make us special…


Low costs

Saturator plumbed into tap water

Paleta kolorów

Flexible design

An interesting and up-to-date saturator’s look.


No more cylinders

No need warehousing/storing up water cylinders.