The saturator made by The Eurosystem

The saturator which is offered by us is a synonim of innovation and let you discover new experiences associated with inimitable taste of fresh water. A lot of satisfied clients have made use of service. You can join them any time. It would be a pleasure to indroduce you to basic information about our company.

What make us differentiate?

Our implicit asset is an experience of a few years which make us the leader in our trade. THE EUROSYSTEM is a pionier, not only on the market of Łódź, but also Poland-wide. Satisfaction of our clients is front-and-centre for us. That is why our saturator, for sale or for rent, relates modern appearance, safety and comfort. Everything is associated with low cost and a capability. You are able to use our saturators to get water for employees in a place of business but it is not the only possibility. The saturator with a cart will also work out perfectly during invitationals, festivals and picnics. The street saturator can be used during periodic civic partie. However the mobile saturator is able to be used during concerts, performances or show.





Our values

The EUROSYSTEM brand excels in consistent values pursuit. We value safety, comfort and environmental responsibilty. The saturator lets you minimize amount of waste and make sustainable use of the materials. The aerateors prevent accumulating plastic waste excess such as from PET bottles and also limit exhaust emission which are spent on bottled water’s transport from a producer to individual places of distribution. What makes us so special us is a personal touch with the client and openness to your needs. We offer diverse forms of cooperation such as leasing, rental, and sale. In our work we follow all the procedures and our saturators meet the highest quality standards. We comply with the deadline and adhere to commonly established conditions for the entire duration of the contract.



Why is it worth choosing our saturators?

Our company’s saturator is an universal product, which proves that high quality may be established literally everywhere. Our saturators are the products tailored for XXI century – designer, well-made, reliable regardless the circumstances! These terms actually define it the best. The cart saturator will prove useful at various parties and banquets, both indoors and outdoors. The mobile saturator means , in practise, essential convenience in use. It means that it can be used at various kinds of events, concerts, fairs, and conferences. Thanks to that your clients, employees, and business partners may be savouring taste of fresh, cooled, sparkling water. Saturator’s water is a perfect alternative for bottled water, which are supplemented by artificial preservatives. The water from our saturator is safe and completely edible. It comes straight from the tap and has been strained out by high quality American filters. Fruit juices thinned with this water taste deliciously. Do you want to explore unforgettable taste of water? Take advantage of our offer today and relish the inimitable taste!

Saturator – good taste...

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