The Eurosystem company is located in Łódź. It is here that we have been manufacturing saturators, which are patented state-of-the-art devices, for more than a dozen years. We operate not only locally, but also globally. The advantages of the saturator have been appreciated by customers not only from Poland, but from all over the world! We want to convince everyone of this solution. We focus on flexibility.  
In every cooperation:

  • we adjust the offer to the customer
  • we provide a guarantee service
  • we offer seasonal and long-term rental
  • we sell at attractive prices.
eurosystem saturator

Water Saturator

The Saturator is a device that provides unlimited access to refreshing water.
The palpable freshness also makes it taste great with the addition of fruit syrups. It is an easy and quick way to create naturally carbonated water or a flavoured drink.

How does a water saturator work?

The saturator works by connecting it to running tap water and a 230 V electricity supply. The mechanism of its operation is simple. It is convenient because the saturator can be easily moved as the unit is on castors.

Power supply

The saturator is supplied with 230V electricity from the power connection.

Gas cylinder

Gas cylinder with regulator and hose


1500x700x900 millimeters

zalety saturatora


4 syrup dispenser containers




Water supply from 1/2 inch water connection, male thread

Benefits of the saturator


Our dispenser connects to electricity and tap water, which is significantly cheaper than bottled water. thanks to technology used, with our device you do not Thanks to the technology used, with our device you do not generate plastic waste in the form of bottles, so you also save on waste disposal!


Choose our environmentally friendly water dispenser and gain image benefits! forget about waste in the form of plastic bottles or bottles, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy 100W class A energy consumption


Get a range of options! For us, filtering tap water is not enough. That's why we've developed a dispenser that can cool tap water and turn it into flavoured or sparkling water! even turn it into flavoured or sparkling water, if you want!

Additional assets


The carbonated water saturator is the perfect device for your business. The purchase of our saturator is an investment for years! The device guarantees constant and unlimited access to fresh water. It also saves money and is an ideal alternative to bottled water. Before purchasing, we invite you to visit us in Łódź, where Eurosystem is located. It will be an excellent opportunity to talk live and see the saturator.


What is the process of purchasing saturator?


1. purchase is subject to placing an order.
2. delivery time is 7 days.

3. we deliver the equipment to the place designated by the customer.
4. we connect the carbonator and provide training on how to use it.


Undecided about buying a saturator? We have another convenient solution for you, which is rental. This option is most often chosen by customers who want to use the device for business purposes. It works well both at selected events and during seasonal trips to other countries. Refreshing water from a saturator served with flavoured syrup is a great seasonal product!



Diversified offer
We operate flexibly, which is why our offer responds to the different needs of our customers. To this end, we have created a diverse offer that includes:

  • year-round rental
  • seasonal rental (for a minimum of 5 months)
  • rental for a specific event, including service

Use of the saturator


The Saturator is a device that provides unlimited access to refreshing water.

The palpable freshness also makes it taste great with the addition of fruit syrups. It is an easy and quick way to create naturally carbonated water or a flavoured drink.


Unlimited access to fresh water guarantees a sip of refreshment for your employees!


All kinds of events are an excellent opportunity to test our saturator. 
Unlimited and easily accessible water is a solution that is sure to be appreciated by participants of mass events, picnics, training sessions and conferences. Most people still remember the carbonator from the 1980s, and for them this will be a renewed opportunity to enjoy a delicious drink based on refreshing water from the carbonator. Naturally carbonated water with juice is a drink that the youngest will also love.


You can buy or rent our equipment! It's a reliable seasonal business idea. A fruit drink based on refreshing water will satisfy your thirst perfectly, especially on hot days!


Saturator outdoor advertising is also an excellent promotional tool. You can advertise your brand on it during an event or training session. Water and sewerage companies are encouraged to use this solution. A vivid advertisement of how good your city's water is! 



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